St Mark's Rc Primary School

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Morning Move It


Come and start your day in a positive way with some fun exercise! Everyone is welcome. It’s a great way to wake up and feel happy before going to your lessons. 

Key Stage 1- Wednesday at 8.45am in the hall.

Key Stage 2- Tuesday and Thursday at 8.45am in the hall.

Fancy becoming a leader? Talk to Mrs Rowson about leading one of your own sessions.


What is Morning Move It?

It’s an energetic 10 minute exercise to music programme, designed to promote the benefits of regular activity and help tackle the rise in childhood obesity by providing a fun activity.


How does it work?
All children in Key Stage 1 and 2 participate in Morning Move It sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the school hall.

The activities are a combination of physical activities and active ‘brain gym’ exercises to music. The repertoire of activities and exercises is continually extended with a range of combinations. Physical activities are accompanied by music with the opportunities for pupils to sing along during most of the activities and come up with their own routines.


What are the outcomes/advantages?
*  A positive and happy school ethos is promoted at the start of the day.
*  Pupils arrive at school early to take part in Morning Move It, improving attendance with fewer latecomers.
*  Better behaviour, concentration and learning, through increasing blood flow around the body, especially after lunch.
*  Increased self-esteem, especially noticed in pupils leading the sessions.
*  A regular, structured informal activity.
*  Improving pupils’ and teachers health and fitness.
*  Increased enjoyment in, and raising the importance of, regular physical activity.
*  Physical coordination (gross and fine motor skills) are improved.
*  Inclusive activity – everyone can join in and have fun no matter what their ability.