St. Mark's R.C. Primary School

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Chaplaincy Team


We shortly will be choosing our new chaplains for 2023/24. Watch this space for more information!

What does being part of The Chaplaincy Team involve?

  • Be a joyful witness of Christ in our school in the way they speak and act and treat others.
  • Work with the Lead chaplain (Mrs Melia-Redgrave), and Mrs Cahill to make a plan of what we want to do.
  • Support the staff and children in their work.
  • Plan events to help the children understand special times of the year e.g. Advent, Easter.
  • Support the children who are on the Sacramental Programme (making their first Holy Communion).
  • Plan ways to use our Chapel.
  • Work with classes to plan prayers, assemblies and liturgies.
  • Help our school to make links with the parish of St Mark’s and attend Masses at St Mark’s Church at times.
  • Attend meetings to welcome parents e.g. Parents’ Evening.
  • Lead fundraising in school.


"Being a Chaplain is very hard, but amazing."


"It makes me feel 100% closer to God and Jesus."


"Being a Chaplain makes me feel proud, great, special and makes me feel like a nice person."


"I am proud of being a Chaplain, my favourite thing is being able to help with jobs."


" Being a Chaplain makes me feel like a Disciple.  The Chaplaincy Team make me feel happy and welcome."


"You have a lot of responsibility, you help when people are going through a tough time and cheer them up."


"Being a Chaplain is a very important job because you have to help Year 3 with their Sacramental Programme."


"I feel a lot closer to God."