St. Mark's R.C. Primary School

We believe that all people matter

Our Vision and Ethos


St. Mark’s is:

  • A Roman Catholic School.  We teach the Faith, doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.  We work closely with the Parish of St. Mark’s R.C. Church and our Parish Priest.
  • A caring school where we want all children to be happy and well motivated.
  • A school where children will be challenged and achieve high standards through a varied and enriched curriculum.
  • A school where all members of the school community have equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy growing and learning together.


School Aims

  • To place Christ at the centre of our community and lead our children into full membership of the church by way of the Sacramental Programme.
  • To foster a deeper understanding and commitment to our Faith.
  • To work with parents, carers, governors and our Parish to educate our children.
  • To ensure that every child is valued, known and loved in a safe and secure environment in which all share in success.