St. Mark's R.C. Primary School

We believe that all people matter



The Governors of St. Mark’s are responsible for the management of the school, in acting as a critical friend to the headteacher and her staff and most importantly in being the voice of the Bishop, by supporting and maintaining the catholic ethos which envelops the Education of our children. Their responsibilities include:

  • Agreeing and monitoring the financial budget
  • Overall responsibility for staffing
  • Ensuring the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • Setting and monitoring appropriate targets for pupil achievement
  • Maintaining the school fabric, including insurance
  • Determining the admissions policy
  • Maintaining the catholic ethos of the school

The Governors meet regularly. Minutes of these meetings are available in school should parents ever wish to see them. 

Please find our current governing body membership below:



Governor Category Term From - Term To Appointed By Special Appointment Committee

Mrs Vikki Allen 


Chair of School Effectiveness Committee


24/6/2020-23/6/2024 Salford Diocese Child protection/Young Carers/Inclusion/ SEN Fabric and Finance/ Health and Safety

Ms Francine Walsh


Vice Chair

Chair of Fabric and Finance Committee


1/9/21 - 31/8/25


Salford Diocese
 English/Whole School Curriculum
School Effectiveness/ Staffing
Mrs Emma Woodruff


Non Voting Attendee

2/11/17 - ONGOING


Salford Diocese

  Headteacher/ Literacy Lead

School Effectiveness/ Staffing

Mrs Charlotte  Smith

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Non Voting Attendee

1/9/23 - ONGOING Salford Diocese Acting Deputy Headteacher

School Effectiveness/ Staffing

Mrs Alexandra Mann


23/3/21 - 22/4/25

 Governing Board


School Effectiveness/ Staffing

Fabric and Finance/ Health and Safety

Miss Margaret Nicoll Foundation 1/9/21 - 31/8/25  Salford Diocese Early Years

School Effectiveness/ Staffing

Mr Philip Royle Foundation 1/9/21 - 31/8/25  Salford Diocese Premises/Health and Safety

Fabric and Finance/ Health and Safety

Mr Leslie Borritt Foundation 23/9/22 - 22/9/26  Salford Diocese Maths

School Effectiveness/ Staffing

Mr Phillip Roebuck       Parent 29/3/21 - 28/3/25 Governing Board

Fabric and Finance/ Health and Safety

Ms Dana Copaciu Parent 6/12/23 - 6/12/27  Governing Board  

 Fabric and Finance/ Health and Safety

All other sub committees drawn from the governing body as and when needed.


Past Governors

Governor Category Term From - Term To Appointed By
Miss Patricia Garner Headteacher 1/9/15 - 2/9/23 Salford Diocese
Mrs Lisa Williams Local Authority 6/4/21 - 6/9/23 Salford Local Authority
Miss Mary Beardshaw Foundation 10/12/19 - 8/12/23  Salford Diocese
Mrs Jane Goulding Parent 23/9/19 - 22/9/23 Governing Board