St. Mark's R.C. Primary School

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Welcome to Nursery

Nursery Team

Class Teacher:              Miss G. McHenry

Teaching Assistants:  Miss H. Burke

                                        Miss C. Young

                                        Mrs D. Taylor-Whitfield

Dismissal Time

Nursery dismissal time is 3:20pm.

What You Will Need in Nursery

Homework:  Next half term (Autumn 2), we will be introducing children to the library. On the Friday your child will choose a book from the library to take home. Your child will need to bring it back in on the following Friday to be able to exchange it for another book. If you would like to keep the book longer, children make keep it for a maximum time of two weeks. 

PE:  For Summer 1 half term, your child's PE day is Friday. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit on this day. The class teacher will clarify which kit is needed (indoor or outdoor) at the beginning of each half term depending on what their topic is.

Library Day:  The children have the opportunity to borrow a book from the school library. Nursery's library day is Friday. Please note there is a £7 fee for lost library books.

Water Bottles:  Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day. It may only contain water - no fruit juice or cordial please.


 What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Recommended Reads

Click on the icons below to see recommended reading book lists for Nursery children:


Useful Websites

Here are some links to some useful websites that you can visit for more information on your child's communication development, please have a look! 


"Teaching handwriting is more than just getting your child to practise writing the alphabet.  Whether your child is just starting handwriting, or they are having handwriting difficulties, the site is full of tips and ideas to help improve your child’s handwriting."