St. Mark's R.C. Primary School

We believe that all people matter

The 5 Ws
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At St Mark's RC Primary School we aim to live by the 5Ws, a framework created by Salford Diocese to help us aspire to be like God.

The 5W's are:



We welcome all people into our community, they know that they are entering a friendly happy place where children follow the ways of Jesus by loving, valuing and respecting each other.  We are committed  to learning and achieving our best in all we do. 



We as a Catholic community value the teaching of our Lord and remain faithful to his Word.  The Word of God is placed at the centre of all that we do.



Our inspiration from God's word guides us to improve our relationship with others and behave in the right way, in the way we live and the way we treat each other.



We care for all and promote mutual respect in our school community.  We support everyone to be happy in their lives by teaching them about love, forgiveness and kindness.  The welfare of pupils and adults is paramount. We show this in the way we treat one another fairly and equally and the way we respect each other. In our school we want everyone to  feel safe and know they are valued as unique and made in the image and likeness of God.



God is the heart of all we do.  Through reflection prayer, and liturgy, the spirituality of our community is celebrated.  We worship God through our class prayers,  school Masses, music, assemblies, class prayer and worship services, through our actions and through the way we live and treat each other.